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The MIL-CARB series of calcium carbonates from Baker Hughes consists of sized metamorphic calcium carbonate blends that can be used as weighting agents, bridging agents, and loss circulation materials in water-based drilling fluids, invert emulsion drilling fluids, and coring fluids.

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Features and Benefits
  • Sized metamorphic particles 
  • Provides better bridging and wellbore strengthening 
  • Plugs wide range of pore throat sizes
  • Can be used with water based and invert emulsion drilling fluids to control lost circulation
  • Alternative weighting agent to barite for low-density fluids
  • Can be used to improve filter cake quality in drilling fluids
  • 94% acid solubility
  • Applications
    • Unconsolidated or highly permeable formations
    • Natural fractures or fissures
    • Induced fractures
    • Cavernous or vugular formations
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