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EnsureSet™ - Self-healing

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This self-healing cement system ensures well integrity and zonal isolation for the life of your well by swelling in the presence of hydrocarbons.

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Help ensure well integrity and zonal isolation for the life of your well with the Baker Hughes EnsurSet™ self-sealing cement system. 

Changes in pressure and temperature over time may lead to failure or cracking of the cement sheath that allows annular pressure to build up. This cracking and pressure build-up can lead to lost production, collapsed casing, contaminated water zones, and increased workover costs to address the problem. This situation is further complicated by current US federal regulation, which prohibits plugging and abandoning wells with sustained annular pressure.

The EnsurSet system can self-seal multiple times to deliver a durable cement sheath customized to meet your specific well challenges. And its hydrophilic nature ensures that the cement easily mixes and pumps in the field using conventional cement equipment.

The system’s self-sealing cement additive is blended with the cement just before it is pumped into the well. The additive remains inactive until it contacts hydrocarbon. At that point, the self-sealing material absorbs the hydrocarbon and swells to plug the gap and seal the hydrocarbon flow. Flow is reduced within just 24 hours, and cracks are fully sealed in as little as 48 hours.

Deploy the EnsurSet system in slurry densities from 12.4 to 17.5-ppg at temperatures up to 325°F (163°C), without any negative impacts on the slurry. 

Features and Benefits
• Self-sealing properties
• Swells in the presence of liquid hydrocarbons and/or condensates
• Shuts off liquid hydrocarbon flow through the cement matrix or micro-annulus
• Improved ductility of cement, lower Young’s modulus, higher Poisson’s ratio
• Makes cement more resilient to stress
• Enhances durability of cement
• Improves tensile to compressive strength ratio
• Hydrophilic provides better and easier mixing than hydrophobic materials
• Sealing cracks in the matrix and the micro-annulus
• Address and mitigate risks associated with sustained casing pressure
• Environmental Compliance
• Member of SmartCare Family Products
• Cementing in fields with a history of sustained casing pressure
• High tectonic stress areas
• Hydraulic fracture areas
• Risk mitigation
• Unable to follow all of best practices
• Less than optimal centralization, no pipe movement
• Plug and abandonment
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