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Size 20 E-4 Wireline Pressure Setting Tool (WLPSA)

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$6,900.00 per Unit

The field-proven E-4™ wireline pressure setting assembly is used to set any electric line set product including bridge plugs, cement retainers, retainer production packers, and other wireline set tools. In all applications where an E-4 assembly is used, a Model B™ or other appropriate wireline adapter kit will be required.

Your price
$6,900.00 per Unit
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The E-4™ wireline pressure setting assembly (W.L.P.S.A.) is a device in which the products of combustion are utilized for the gradual development of force through pressure. This motive force operates the various working parts of the W.L.P.S.A. in a proper sequence to ensure the successful setting of Baker Hughes bridge plugs, retainer production packers, cement retainers, and other products.

The pressure required is built up through a slow-set power charge, (Product Family No. H43766), or a standard power charge, (Product Family No. H43764). For specifics on all power charges and igniters refer to Slow-Set Power Charge, Standard Power Charge, Secondary Igniter, BP-3S and BP-4S Igniter, (Product Family Nos. H43766, H43764, H43743, H43744) Unit No. 4190 under Service Tools/Remedial Systems or contact a Baker Hughes representative. The setting pressure is confined to the proper area of the setting tool through the use of O-ring seals. It is of critical importance that all O-rings be maintained in perfect condition and replaced after each use.

The E-4 wireline pressure setting assembly incorporates a piercing disk bleeder system to provide a safe, easy method of bleeding off trapped pressure before disassembling the W.L.P.S.A. after it has been run.

Size 20 Firing Head (Material No. H437202000) is not included in 20 WLPSA

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