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REBarrier Slide-on Reactive Element Packer

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The Reactive Element Barrier (REBarrier™) slide-on swellable packer from Baker Hughes minimizes the annular flow of wellbore debris in both open and cased holes. With its self-energizing swelling elastomer, the REBarrier packer gives you a reliable and rugged seal without needing cement.

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The REBarrier packer is an elastomeric device built on a substrate that can be easily installed on your casing with set screws and then run into the well like any other casing joint. The packer activates through the swelling properties of the rubber element upon contact with the wellbore fluids. The element absorbs selected components of the wellbore fluids into the rubber matrix, which causes the outer diameter (OD) to swell and fill the annulus between the casing and the wellbore diameter. Swellable O-rings installed on the inner diameter (ID) of the REBarrier seal the annulus between the OD of the inner casing and the ID of the barrier. The swelling mechanism for the rubber O-ring and rubber element will continue to provide long-term annular debris management, even in sections where the annular area changes irregularly. The REBarrier packer’s swelling compounds were developed and tested to downhole conditions in various sizes and percentages of swell. Thousands of field runs have validated packer performance, and to ensure maximum isolation performance of the REBarrier packer after swelling, our packer experts stand ready to help you select the optimal element OD based on the respective drilled openhole ID as well as the intended casing OD, required element thickness, and length of the element.

Features and Benefits
  • Deploy and install efficiently, with no running tools or special personnel required
  • Get a reliable seal that self energizes in annular fluids
  • Ensure long-term annular isolation with continual reaction with wellbore fluids
  • Applications
    • Openhole completions
    • Perforated, cased-hole completions
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