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ZXP liner top packer

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The industry-proven ZXP™ liner top packer is recognized as today’s premier high-performance liner top packer. More than 60,000 successful installations worldwide have established this liner top packer as the industry leader in annular sealing technology. It is the most extensively tested packer available on the market.

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The innovative ZX seal element is constructed to endure exceptionally high circulation rates in demanding wellbore environments. The seal is designed with an elastomer sheath that is bonded to a unique metal cylinder, which is swaged by a cone out to the casing wall during the setting process. Raised ribs on the circumference of the metal ring make full-circle contact with the casing’s inside diameter (ID), trapping the elastomer cover and preventing extrusion as differential pressure is applied. The ZXP liner top packer is typically run as an integral component of the primary liner hookup. The packer is compression-set using a packer setting dog sub or a hydraulic pusher tool. It is available with or without hold-down slips. The hold-down option allows the packer to be run as a tieback option with the seal assembly or with light liners. ZXP™ packers can be run on 2RH and HRD-E liner setting tools and are available with extensions of varying lengths. For high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) applications, the ZXtreme HP/HT compression-set liner top packer is available.

Advantages of the ZXP liner packer include:

  • A gas-tight annular seal AFLAS elastomer, which is compatible with most wellbore environments
  • Reduced risk of swab-off and faster running speeds

Features and Benefits
  • Prevent formation breakdown
  • Avoid loss of cement slurry
  • Prevent gas migration
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