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Hyflo III Liner Top Packer

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Get a reliable seal at your liner top with the Hyflo™ III liner top packer from Baker Hughes. Ideal for low-to-moderate duty applications, the packer incorporates a one-piece seal element with bonded metal backups to prevent extrusion and provide assured protection from swab-off.

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This versatile, medium duty, compression-set liner top packer is available with or without holddown slips and can be run on the primary liner run or on a second trip as a tieback packer. Most Hyflo III packer sizes are rated to 5,000 psi (344.8 bar) at 250°F (176°C). The Hyflo III liner top packer is also commonly run above a Model D™ hanger/packer in scab liner applications and is available with several setting tool profiles.

Features and Benefits
  • Prevent formation breakdown, loss of cement slurry, and gas migration with superior annular sealing and hold down
  • Maintain positive set-in seal with internal body lock ring
  • Ensure a reliable seal with completion-type packer seal and backup
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