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Enhanced Acid System

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Polymer-based self-diverting acid that eliminates the possibility of fluid re-crosslinking during flow back. Offers extended crosslinking pH range. Offers high viscosities for more effective diversion, while fluid loses viscosities as pH raises. Uses internal breaker as secondary breaking mechanism.

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The Baker Hughes Enhanced Acid System™ is a self-diverting acid system designed to increase efficiency when stimulating carbonate formations. The system has low viscosity when pumped, which minimizes surface horsepower requirements and permits high pump rates. As the acid spends in the formation, the system crosslinks and develops high viscosity, which increases acid diversion to increase the stimulated volume.

Features and Benefits
• Low viscosity in tubulars and near-wellbore
• Minimizes friction pressure and surface horsepower requirements
• Allows high pump rates
• High viscosity after crosslinking
• Diverts lower-viscosity, unspent acid to unstimulated rock
• Maximizes fracture width and conductivity
• Reduces leakoff, minimizing acid volumes required and improving stimulation economics
• No iron derivatives
• Minimizes risk of formation damage
• Some viscosity after break
• Aids in cleanup of acid insoluble fines
• Compatible with common mix waters, CO2, acid corrosion inhibitors, and other common additives
• Minimizes risks of formation damage
• Facilitates logistics and testing requirements and reduces associated costs
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