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CoilTrak™ HT

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The CoilTrak™ HT coiled tubing drilling (CTD) bottomhole assembly provides specialized BHA services for slimhole directional CTD applications. The BHA performs in temperatures up to 175°C (347°F) in all types of formations, including hard and abrasive. The CoilTrak HT service is the latest generation of the Baker Hughes directional CTD BHA which enables the economic access of bypassed reserves in maturing fields using coiled tubing in existing wellbores.

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The CoilTrak™ HT coiled tubing drilling (CTD) bottomhole assembly (BHA) from Baker Hughes can help you increase recovery rates and improve well performance in your challenging slimhole directional CTD applications. Specially designed for high-temperature (HT) re-entry drilling, the BHA gives you reliable drilling performance in a wide variety of formations and in temperatures up to 347°F (175°C).

Use the CoilTrak HT service to access previously bypassed reserves and boost production in your assets by deploying coiled tubing in existing wellbores. As the latest generation of Baker Hughes directional CTD BHA, the CoilTrak HT service gives you access to other specialized CT directional drilling services, including:

• Wellbore placement
• Drilling process control
• Formation evaluation
• Reservoir navigation
• Slimhole re-entry applications
• Casing exit execution
• Underbalanced drilling

You can ensure precise operational control and optimal wellbore placement with the service’s modularity, specific service options, and different steering principles—all custom-engineered for through-tubing re-entry drilling applications.

The CoilTrak HT service also gives you real-time communication via e-line, affording efficient management of downhole conditions and operational parameters for faster well delivery and improved well performance.

Features and Benefits
• Performs in downhole temperatures up to 175°C
• Passes easily through existing completion for economic access to bypassed reserves
• Reaches target zone faster because of high build-up rate capability
• Handles underbalanced conditions with compressible drilling fluids and gas injections through the drill string or production while drilling
• Enables BHA deployment into pressurized/live wellheads, and allows BHA setup variations depending on customer needs and application requirements
• Coiled tubing drilling
• Re-entry and preset well application
• Slimhole drilling
• Underbalanced drilling
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