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Enhanced ZIU 2Analogues I/O PSU DIN Rail

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The Zenith surface interface unit (ZIU) for E-Series gauges provides power to and decodes communication from the downhole sensor. The latest ZIU, with comprehensive firmware update, ensures reliable real-time data acquisition supported by enhanced noise filtering for superior data integrity.

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Configurable Modbus mapping enables the user to select which parameters are output to SCADA or VSD HMI, and accelerated speed of acquisition delivers data within 60 seconds of pump start-up.

System compatibility has also been extended to allow use with the latest downhole sensor technologies, including sensors for high-speed ESP systems, supporting optimized ESP system performance and remote production operations.

The ZIU contains onboard data logging and multiple supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) connections including RS232, RS485 and Modbus TCP to allow maximum flexibility when connecting to modern variable speed drives.

For legacy variable speed drives, the ZIU contains a pair of high-resolution analogue current inputs and outputs. The ZIU also provides relay contacts to allow automated shutdown of variable speed drives, protecting lift systems and ensuring well integrity. The ZIU must be mounted within a cabinet.

Features and Benefits
  • Acquires sensor data at high speed
  • Delivers data within 60 seconds of pump start-up
  • Enhanced noise filtering for superior data integrity
  • Obtains more data points on key runlilfe moments using smart logging configuration
  • Communicates sensor data over Modbus RS232/RS485/TCP and analogue output
  • Offers Modbus map configuration to match SCADA system
  • Enables relevant data recovery with built-in memory logger
  • Simplifies access and configuration using web browser interface
  • Requires no proprietary software for data download configuration and set up
  • Optimizes space on surface facilities with compact design
  • Reduces cost on ESP sensor implementation
  • Applications
    • Electrical submersible pump (ESP) operations with Zenith E-Series downhole gauge
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