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The DELTA-MUL AR emulsifier from Baker Hughes is a high temperature polyamide used as a non-iconic emulsifier and wetting agent in the DELTA DRILL low pressure impact drilling fluid for onshore applications

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Features and Benefits
  • Reduces surface tension of the internal phase fluid
  • Provides emulsion stability across a wide range of densities, oil-water ratios and levels of internal phase salinity
  • Compatible with freshwater, seawater and calcium chloride, and sodium chloride brines.
  • Oil-wets barite, drilled solids, bridging agents, and other inorganic materials.
  • Does not require excess lime for activation
  • Stable to temperatures up to 420F (216C)
  • Applications
    • DELTA DRILL Low pressure impact drilling fluid
    • Compatible with diesel and mineral oils
    • Onshore applications
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