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The CARBO-MUL RC emulsifier from Baker Hughes is a highly effective, environmentally safe primary emulsifier in diesel based drilling fluid systems such as Baker Hughes CARBO-DRILL Invert emulsion fluid system

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Features and Benefits
  • Provides system stability across a range of densities, oil/water ratios, and internal phase salinities
  • Eliminates water in filtrate
  • Reduces surface tension of the internal phase fluid
  • Minimizes any impact on fluid rheology
  • Allows optimum circulating system hydraulics for improved bit performance, equivalent circulating density (ECD) management, and overall drilling efficiency
  • High flash point
  • Not classified as flammable liquid
  • Applications
    • Invert emulsion drilling fluids
    • Diesel-based systems
    • Conventional and unconventional drilling applications to 350F (177C)
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