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CYCLE™ Fatigue Monitoring System

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$12,000.00 per Yearly License

CYCLE™ Fatigue Monitoring System provides an on-site assessment of the entire coiled tubing string.  The program is designed to accurately manage and assess the life span of CT strings based on fatigue, ballooning, and corrosion. All of the activity that the coiled tubing has been exposed to is recorded in a string file. Accurate knowledge of tubing damage can prevent fatigue-related CT failures.

Your price
$12,000.00 per Yearly License

Use the software to accurately manage and assess the life span of coiled tubing strings based on fatigue, ballooning, and corrosion. Your coiled tubing’s entire operational activity and maintenance history are recorded in a string file and constantly updated to prevent fatigue-related pipe failures.

In predicting the fatigue of a string, CYCLE software tracks:

• Jobs completed
• Job types
• The effect of sour environments
• The movement of the string during the job
• The internal pressure during the string movement
• The fluids and abrasives in the string
• The flow rate of fluids in the string
• The effects of shipping, cutting, storage, and maintenance activities

Armed with this information, you’ll be able to confidently determine the number of cycles, ballooning, wall-thickness, corrosion, damage, and fatigue along the string.

Features and Benefits
• Pipe management
• Predicts remaining safe working life in trips or cycles
• Displays incremental fatigue during a job-Extends coiled tubing life to reduce costs
• Offers the industry’s only H2S-related pipe fatigue modeling
• Included with CIRCA RT software
• Provides onsite safe working life monitoring for coiled tubing
• Eliminates pressure cycling fatigue incidents
• Pre-job planning and inventory management
• Provides reliable job performance and ongoing quality control
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