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CIRCA Real-Time Monitoring Software

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CIRCA™ REAL-TIME (RT) modeling software uses field data to update operational parameters in coiled tubing applications, dramatically enhancing safety, improving efficiency, and increasing certainty of success. CIRCA simulation software is used to design coiled tubing jobs and define operational and safety limits before an operation begins. Models generated by CIRCA software are loaded into the JobMaster™ monitoring and analysis system for use by field engineers on site. During the job, information is collected and monitored using the JobMaster system.

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The CIRCA Real-Time package updates CIRCA Complete and CIRCA Pro simulations to add live, dynamic modeling in the field. The CIRCA Real-Time software is like having an engineer with you in the cab, with live-data advances that include:

•Communication with the injector to adjust limits based on downhole conditions
•Updates to safe operating limits
•Dynamical simulations of tubing force and flow analysis
•Calculations of H2S effects on pipe fatigue
•Real-time pipe fatigue updates

Features and Benefits
• Advanced job modeling
• Delivers industry leading solids transport analysis
• Provides advanced application modules in addition to those available in CIRCA Complete software
• Helps service providers work up to the edges of the operating envelope in challenging coiled tubing operations
• Flow and tubing force analysis
• Enables safe, efficient, predictable operations
• Specialized application modules
• Includes all standard modules included in CIRCA Complete software
• Offers switchable jetting tool analysis
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