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The Baker Hughes MAX-GUARD PLUS shale stabilizer is a liquid additive that is highly efficient for inhibiting the swelling and yielding of hydratable shales. MAX-GUARD PLUS stabilizer is the primary clay hydration and swelling suppressant used in Baker Hughes PERFORMAX high-performance water-based drilling fluid system.

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Features and Benefits
•Provides superior inhibition of reactive clays
-Improves borehole stability
-Reduces bit balling
-Increases rates of penetration
-Aids in reducing dilution rates and improving solids removal efficiency
•Compatible with all common water-based drilling fluid additives
-Functions in pH levels from neutral to 11.0
•Tolerant to common contaminants
•Maintains thermal stability up to 400°F (204°C)
•Environmentally acceptable
• Water-based drilling fluids
• Freshwater to high-salt applications
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