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The NANOSHIELD wellbore sealing polymer from Baker Hughes is specially designed nanotechnology capable of dispersing into unique sub-micron-sized particles when added to any mud system.

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Features and Benefits
• Extensive shell life and compatibility in extreme climates
• Reduces logistic and storage costs
• Seals microfractures when drilling through shales
• Enhances wellbore stability
• Minimizes pore pressure transmission when used in PERFORMAX high performance water-based drilling fluid system
• Improves osmotic pressure management
• Superior PPA results in LATIDRILL system when used in combination with LATIMAGIC additive
• Seals off depleted and weak formations
• Water based and invert emulsion drilling fluid systems
• Fresh to saturated brine phase. Compatible with diesel, mineral oil, and synthetic base fluids
• Offshore and onshore applications
• Microfractures and sensitive shales
• Weak and depleted formations
• Environmentally sensitive areas.
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