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JewelSuite Geomechanics

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Quickly, accurately, and reliably detect and mitigate any geomechanical risk for drilling safer, faster, and more profitable wells

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Predicting how and when well construction and production activities affect the balance of subsurface formation stresses and how these forces may, in turn, affect wellbore stability and integrity, is vital to safety and profitability. With a renewed industry focus on geological carbon storage and geothermal energy, there’s no margin for error. Our JewelSuite™ Geomechanics software application enables you to quickly, accurately, and easily detect and mitigate any geomechanical risk.

Utilizing 1D well-centric models for reservoir analysis, our powerful and accurate models provide the intelligence you need to define a safe operating window and reduce non-productive time. Whether the solution is a change in direction, inclination, or mud density, the application’s automated workflows guide you to the optimal risk-mitigation solution and the best well plan for each reservoir, resulting in safer, faster, and more profitable drilling outcomes. From modeling fault structures, stresses, and pore pressures to predicting sand production and avoiding wellbore collapse, the JewelSuite Geomechanics software application delivers results fast. With real-time wellsite information delivered seamlessly to your servers in standard data formats, our analysis provides the answers you need before and during drilling to lower operational risks and safely place wells in the zones with greatest potential.

Features and Benefits
  • Use real-time analysis to maximize recovery 
  • Import and export WITSML data 
  • Drill safer and faster 
  • Build 1D well-centric models 
  • Establish integrated geomechanical workflows 
  • Perform uncertainty assessments 
  • Avoid geohazards 
  • Maximize performance and improve safety 
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