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JewelSuite Reservoir Stimulation

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Optimize your hydraulic fracturing designs for conventional, unconventional, and geothermal campaigns

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The JewelSuite™ Reservoir Stimulation application enables you to quickly identify the optimum stimulation strategy for multiple stages along multiple wells, execute sensitivity and uncertainty studies, estimate production and economic metrics, and export results to industry-standard reservoir flow simulators. Our hydraulic fracturing design and analysis software has supported engineers since the early days of frac modeling. Now, we’re delivering a step-change in efficiency and capability for unconventional well planning, stimulation modeling, frac execution, and production forecast-based economic decisions. With simplified and intuitive workflows, our flexible application—available in English, Russian, and simplified Chinese editions—enables you to visualize hydraulic fractures with other relevant subsurface data, such as wells, horizons, faults, and microseismic events. With the embedded MFrac™ and MShale™ simulators, the JewelSuite Reservoir Stimulation software application leverages fast physics-based forward modeling. An easy-to-use sensitivity and uncertainty workflow allows you to cover the entire relevant parameter space, identify correlations, and understand which changeable field parameters are most important. This enables you to quantify the probability of success of your frac design, and maximize production and extend the profitable life of your well.

Features and Benefits
• Quantify your campaign's probability of success
• Turn uncertainty into actionable information
• Invest only where it matters
• Perform uncertainty and sensitivity analysis
• Utilize built-in production forecast tool
• Integrate with other upstream workflows
• Manage multiple scenarios in one solution
• Leverage multi-stage and multi-well capabilities
• Visualize all relevant subsurface data in 3D
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