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The MAX-SHIELD wellbore sealing polymer from Baker Hughes is an innovative nanotechnology that reduces pore pressure transmission to increase wellbore stability.

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Features and Benefits
•Suitable for use in both water-based and invert emulsion drilling fluid systems
-Provides versatility in use
•Bridges and seals depleted formations
-Eliminates differential sticking, severe losses, logging problems, and nonproductive time
•Tolerant to a wide range of salinities
-Can be used from freshwater to saturated salt water
•Effective in high-temperature environments
-Provides borehole stability in excess of 300F(149C)•No special procedures or equipment are necessary for treatement
-Enables faster mixing time
•Designed for use un conjunction with MAX-PLEX shale control and wellbore stability agent
-Reduces pore pressure transmission into the shale matrix
• Water-based invert emulsion drilling fluids
• Depleted sands and limestone sections
• Horizontal, deviated & extended reach wells
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