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Production Logging

Platinum Resistance Thermometer (PRT)

The Sondex Platinum Resistance Thermometer (PRT201) tool measures the borehole fluid temperature which can be used for finding fluid entry, gas leaks, injection zones, and cement tops. ... Show More

Multiple Array Production Suite

Our MAPS logging technology offers an innovative range of tools with multiple sensors that provide a clearer and more accurate picture of the flow regime which is vital for superior reservoir management. MAPview creates 3D images of the flow regime t ... Show More

Quartz Pressure Tool

The Quartz Pressure Sensor (QPS) or the Quartz Pressure and Casing Collar Locator (QPC) tools provide a continuous log of borehole fluid pressure and records reservoir pressure draw-down and build-up data during flowing tests. With this gauge, you ca ... Show More

Fluid identification Tool

Our fluid identification technologies establish the hold-up of fluids using the density and electrical properties of oil, gas, and water. ... Show More

Production Array Imager (PAI)

The AccuPhase™ horizontal production logging service delivers accurate measurements of multiphase flow and fluids, including gas, oil, and water. The AccuPhase™ service is built on a platform that combines micro-spinners to measure flow, optical sens ... Show More

X-Y Caliper tool

The Sondex Production Dual Caliper (PDC201) tool consists of two independent Calipers (X and y) set perpendicular to each other which measure the internal diameter of the well casing. The PDC is traditionally run centralized in a production logging t ... Show More

Noise tool

A leaking well can damage the environment and result in lost production. The Noise Tool (NTO) houses a sensitive hydrophone that is highly effective in the detection of flow inside and outside the cased well. ... Show More

Gas Array Tool (GAT)

The Sondex Gas Array (GAT201) Tool is the next generation production logging technology. Designed to differentiate gas from liquid (oil or water), it features an array of optical sensors for highly accurate imaging of complex flow regimes. It provide ... Show More