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Telemetry Tool

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The XTU is an intelligent bridge between the Ultrawire toolbus and Ultralink telemetry system acting as both a communications interface and a programmable logging controller. It also incorporates a DC-DC converter (switch mode power supply) to convert the high voltage on the Ultralink line to power the Ultrawire toolbus. In its capacity as a logging controller, the XTU polls each tool in the tool string for its data packet assembling all packets into data frames for transmission to the surface acquisition system.

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Features and Benefits
•Automatic “plug and play” configuration and start-up
•Selectable Ultralink bit rate to suit varying demands and conditions
•Detailed toolbus error detection and logging to facilitate fault finding
•Facility to monitor the head voltage and internal temperature of the XTU
•Automatic transmission of the tool string configuration to the surface system
•Automatic downlink failure detection triggers reversion to default bit rate
•Automatic generation of a default polling program that enables all the identified tools to share the available bandwidth on the wireline
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