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Multiple Array Production Suite - Spinner Array Tool (SAT)

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The Spinner Array Tool features six miniature turbines deployed on bowspring arms, enabling discrete local fluid velocities to be measured at 60 degree intervals around the well bore. Combined with holdup data from Resistance Array Tool (RAT), Gas Array Tool (GAT) and Capacitance Array Tool (CAT), this forms the Multiple Array Production Suite (MAPS) which makes it possible to provide quantitative estimates of the volumetric flow rate of each phase with a much higher degree of certainty.

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Our MAPS logging technology offers an innovative range of tools with multiple sensors that provide a clearer and more accurate picture of the flow regime which is vital for superior reservoir management. MAPview creates 3D images of the flow regime to present a realistic analysis of a well’s production.

Features and Benefits
•Operates in memory or surface readout mode
•Combines with other tools via Ultrawire tool bus
•Evaluate your well’s performance efficiently and accurately
•Produces high-quality, reliable measurements
•Configurations such as openhole (barefoot), cased-hole, perforated, gravel-packed, or slotted-liner
•Vertical, highly deviated, or horizontal wells
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