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BIO-PAQ high performance organic derivative from Baker Hughes is used for both API and high-temperature/high pressure filtration control in a variety of water based drilling fluid systems.

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Features and Benefits
• Imparts a highly compressible filter cake
• Prevents stuck pipe
• Effective in high salinity and or high temperature environments
• Controls filtration up to 300F(149C) in combination with suitable oxygen scavengers added in the drilling fluid
• Elevates low shear rheological properties while lowering filtration rates
• Efficiently cleans the wellbore
• Compatible with a wide range of water-based drilling fluid additives
• Provides versatility in use
• Effective in weighted and low-solid drilling fluids over a wide range of pH
• Enables flexibility in water-based drilling fluid systems
• Acid soluble and can be broken down by specialty enzymes
• Works efficiently in many applications
• Water-based drilling fluids
• High density brine systems
• Depleted Sands
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