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Head Tension Unit & CCL Combined

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The Head Tension/Compression Unit (HTU009) detects longitudinal force in the toolstring that may be either tensile or compressive. The HTU009 is run below the Ultrawire controller (HTU/XTU) and measures tension up to 1200kg and compression up to 400kg. When either using coiled tubing or during tractor operations, the ability to measure compression can help to avoid toolstring damage. This function is most useful when an obstruction is encountered.

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Features and Benefits
•Indicates when the wireline load is approaching the weak point breaking load
•Monitors toolstring sticking
•Detects key seating
•Monitors compression in coiled tubing or tractor operations in highly deviated wells.
•Prevent accidental breaking of either the weak point or the cable
•Detect friction between the surface and the downhole tools
•Detect key seating.
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