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L-10 ON/OFF Tool

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The On/Off Tool is designed for releasing and retrieving tubing strings in packer applications. It can be machined to incorporate other common profiles and provides a reliable seal in pressures up to 10,000 psi (689 bar) and temperatures up to 350°F (177°C).

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The On/Off sealing connector has the capability to retrieve the production string simply and reliably without disturbing the companion packer below. Its sealing System allows the tubing to be disconnected for fluid circulation while ensuring seal integrity when reconnected. A seating nipple profile is available in the top of the seal nipple to permit plugging of the lower zone while the tubing is removed. Besides the left-hand releasing L-10 version, a right-hand releasing R-10 version is also available enabling remedial or stimulation work above the packer. The plug can then be removed with conventional wireline methods allowing production of the well to resume. The L-316 has all the design features built into the 1-10. but it is designed specifically for CO2 and waterflood applications. It uses 316 Stainless Steel flow path material while maximizing load capacity.

Features and Benefits
• Short compact design
• Superior sealing system
• Available with bonded or elastomeric seals
• Orientation of seals eliminates need for o-rings
• Fit for environment
• Metallurgies – Standard service or NACE service
• Elastomers—nitrile thermoplastic non-elastomeric
• Rated to 10,000 psi at 275oF with bonded seals and 12,000 psi at 350oF with elastomeric seals.
• Fully tested in gas at maximum temperature with multiple pressure reversals
• Tensile rating compatible with L-80 tubing in NACE trim
• Tensile rating compatible with P-105 tubing in standard material
• Only top sub and seal nipple are exposed to flow
• No welded parts
• Can be set to shear up or down
• Automatic re-engagement with set-down weight
• Onshore
• Vertical and horizonal Wells
• Connecting and disconnecting tubing strings
• For use with the Hornet Retrievable Packer
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