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Oil Level Gauge, E4 Size 5, 10 & 20, Package of 10

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$52.50 per Unit

All Sizes (5, 10 and 20) Baker Model E4 Wireline Pressure Setting Assemblies should be inspected periodically to replace any parts that have become worn (out of tolerance) due to continuous usage. When the maximum or minimum acceptable diameters are exceeded on any part the part should be replaced.The Baker Hughes E4 inspection gauge kit will help ensure proper maintenance and maximum performance from your E4 setting tools. Protect your investment!

Your price
$52.50 per Unit
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Ensure your setting tool has the proper upper cylinder oil level using a Baker Hughes oil-level gauge. The appropriate oil level depends on the well temperature at setting depth. For more information refer to Baker Hughes Technical Unit 4180. Oil level gauges are sold in packs of 10. Price is for 10.

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