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SureSENS SPTV 3.0 Monitoring System (Multi Drop)

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Get the downhole data you need to optimize production and increase your well’s run life with SureSENS™ Electronic Well Monitoring systems from Baker Hughes. Our experience, amassed over years of many challenging field deployments, and an aggressive in-house test program has resulted in a reliable, compact, flexible permanent monitoring system.

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The SureSENSTM SPTV (Strain, Pressure, Temperature, and Vibration) electronic permanent gauge system delivers critical data on wellbore pressure, temperature, and vibration–all aimed at increasing your run life and optimizing production. The system’s flexible configuration lets you take redundant readings and select a number of parameter measurements, from single-point zonal pressure measurements to multiple-point pressure measurements (for multiple zone or intelligent applications). The SureSENS SPTV Multi Drop will be sold as an add-on to the base SureSENS SPTV System to allow for multi-zone monitoring. The SureSENS SPTV System must be purchased first in order for this system to function.

  • SuresSENS SPTV SINGLE 10K/PSI, 302°F
  • 2-1 Splice Body
  • Gauge Carrier Assembly(Welded Lug)

Features and Benefits
  • Allows for multidrop, multizone monitoring on one TEC
  • Applications
    • Monitoring wells, multizone wells
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