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MPAs Hydrostatic-set Packer

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The MPas™ formation packer is a primary cementing and zone isolation packer utilizing a non-inflatable packing element run as an integral part of the casing string to provide a seal between the casing and wellbore.

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The MPas formation packer has an elastomeric element with a composite structure set mechanically by shifting a balance sleeve, allowing wellbore hydrostatic pressure to act against an atmospheric chamber and applying setting force to the non-inflatable element. The element is then mechanically locked, eliminating the requirement of the wellbore fluid to maintain the set. Wellbore hydrostatic pressure will continue to apply a setting force on the element throughout the packer's life, which will compensate for the movement of the formation and allow for additional setting force to be applied at any time. Additional setting force can be attained by applying additional pressure with a cup tool or by applying pressure to the entire casing string if applicable. The MPas packer is generally run in the liner string between screens, slotted casing, or gravel-packed sections to isolate production intervals. It can also be used to isolate the openhole/liner annulus in openhole completions in conjunction with stage cementing equipment. The MPas packer can be run single or stacked in multiples to increase seal length.

Features and Benefits

The MPas packer can be used as a cementing packer or for zone isolation in completions having no cement. The MPas packer performs the following functions:

  • Provides zone isolation
  • Seals well bore between zones either as backup for cement or as the primary seal.
  • Permanent isolation
  • Provides permanent zonal isolation without the complexity and expense of pumping cement to inflate a packer element.
  • Protects cement
  • Channeling damage is prevented by blocking movement of gas or fluid so that the cement is allowed to set undisturbed.
  • Compensates for wellbore movement
  • The MPas packer compensates for wellbore movement around the seal area due to hydrostatic pressure providing a continuous setting force on the element
  • eliminating the need for intervention.
  • Setting force locked into the element
  • A body lock ring ensures that the element stores the setting force.
  • Protection against premature element setting
  • Locking dogs protect against premature element setting until a hydraulic pressure sufficient to shear the shear screws in the setting piston is applied to the MPas packer ID.
  • Progressive setting of MPas element
  • A progressive setting sleeve inside the element allows for a progressive set of the element to fully set and conform to the wellbore.
  • Protect sensitive formations
  • Sensitive formations are isolated from cement and protected from damage.
  • Allows cementing deep wells without damaging lower zones
  • Deep wells can be stage cemented to protect the lower zones from the high differential pressure of a long column of cement.
  • Provides proper cement distribution
  • The MPas packer helps to centralize the casing in the hole to ensure even cement distribution around casing.
  • Torque mechanism
  • Prevents element damage from drag during pipe rotation.
  • Circulation rate
  • Allows 20 ft/sec as a maximum annular velocity rate between openhole ID and inflatable element OD.
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