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SlimX Hydraulic-set liner hanger

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Get assured liner load capacity in a short, streamlined design

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Get assured liner deployment in your tight-clearance wells with the SlimX™ liner hanger from Baker Hughes. A premium-tiered, hydraulic-set hanger, the SlimX has a robust, solid body ideal for applications requiring high load capacity with minimal annular clearance. The short length of the SlimX also makes it the ideal choice when the equivalent circulating density (ECD) is a concern. The SlimX incorporates the patented FLEX-LOCK™ slip and slip seat design, which maximizes liner weight capacity. By distributing the load circumferentially around the tool, the SlimX prevents collapse loading of the mandrel.

Features and Benefits
  • Maximize liner weight capacity with patented slip design
  • Minimize equivalent circulating density concerns with compact body length
  • Ensure liner reaches depth with streamlined hanger design
  • Applications
    • High load capacity needs
    • Low annular clearances
    • High pressures
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