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Ultra Clean Brush Sub

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The Baker Hughes X-Treme Clean™ EP ULTRA-CLEAN™ casing brush is used in conjunction with a casing scraper to further brush and clean casing inner diameter (ID). It is designed to remove scale, rust, mud residue, and any other particles of debris.

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The tool can be run by itself or as an integral component of the wellbore cleanup or displacement system. It features self-centering, nonrotational stabilizers to keep the nonrotating brush sleeve centered in the hole, preventing wear or damage to the casing. This ensures 360° brush coverage and eliminates uneven brush wear while allowing for rotation of the heavy-duty main mandrel in straight and high-angle holes. Another benefit is a special safety clutch that can be activated if the brush gets stuck. This allows torque to be transferred to the entire tool for working it free or washover contingencies if that becomes necessary. The tool is designed with ample circulation area to allow for high rate circulation and bypass of debris.

Features and Benefits
  • Nonrotating stabilizers and brushes
  • Eliminates risk of damaging to casing when rotating or drilling
  • Safety clutch design
  • Allows tool to work free if stuck in hole
  • No external fasteners
  • Avoids leaving parts downhole
  • Brush with 360° coverage
  • Provides high cleaning effectiveness
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