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TorqueMaster Anchor

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The Baker Hughes TorqueMaster™ bottom-trip retrievable anchor is used to anchor a whipstock in the wellbore. It is an alternative to the packer/anchor assembly, and attaches to the lower end of the whipstock by means of a drillpipe thread. The bottom trip retrievable anchor is for use with the WindowMaster G2™ and the PathMaster™ window milling systems.

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To activate the setting sequence, only a bottom restriction is required. This bottom can be in the form of a permanent or retrievable bridge plug, top of cement, liner top, or production packer. With the retrievable bottom-trip anchor, either the universal bottomhole orientation or the measurement-while-drilling orientation method can be used. The anchor is retrievable with straight overpull on the whipstock. For retrievable applications, a debris management system consisting of an EXCLUDER™ sub, unloader valve, and a shear-type disconnect should be run between the whipstock and the anchor. The debris management system keeps debris from falling around the anchor and possibly fouling the slips during retrieval.

Features and Benefits
  • No welded components
  • Enhances durability
  • Does not require circulation to activate
  • Simplifies operation
  • Retrievable design
  • Allows for slip retraction, which prevents scarring casing during the retrieval process
  • Uses the proven TorqueMaster™ cam-cone slip system
  • Eliminates risk of rotation
  • Application
  • Anchor a whipstock in place in the wellbore
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