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Windowmaster G2 Whipstock

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The Baker Hughes WindowMaster™G2 whipstock system requires only one trip with drillpipe to complete a window and drill a pilot hole. It features a full-drift outside diameter window mill that requires less rathole to be drilled, which saves valuable rig time. The system saves substantial rig time by eliminating at least two round trips with drillpipe that are required by conventional window-cutting systems.

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The WindowMaster G2 system can be run in hole, oriented to the new hole direction, anchored in place, and completely mill a window, all in one trip. Orientation can be performed with measurement-while-drilling, universal bottomhole orientation, or gyro into packer profile. In addition, the milling bottomhole assembly eliminates the risks of mill connection and body failure during milling. The system is retrievable by design with the TorqueMaster™ bottom-trip retrievable anchor and the TorqueMaster packer. Two retrieving-tool options ensure retrievability in a wide variety of hole conditions.

Features and Benefits
  • Full-gauge window mill
  • Provides a drift window and rathole
  • Retrievable for multiple-zone applications
  • Saves on equipment costs
  • METAL MUNCHER cutting technology
  • Can mill and ream simultaneously
  • TorqueMaster packer technology
  • Works in high temperature/high-pressure applications
  • Applications
    • Milling windows
    • Drilling hard formation, pilot hole, drift window, and rathole
    • Reaming
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