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Downhole Electric Cutting Tool

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The Downhole Electric Cutting Tool (DECT) from Baker Hughes safely severs pipe without using dangerous chemicals or explosives leaving a machine-shop-quality finish. The DECT meets industry demands for reliable, high-precision cutting operations. The depth of penetration can be accurately controlled, which prevents damage to external casing strings and supports the use of packer retrieval operations. The remaining pipe can easily be fished using standard techniques that require no subsequent clean-up operations. In addition, it can be transported by helicopter because it contains no hazardous materials.

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Features and Benefits
• Improves cutting accuracy and reliability
• Uses no chemicals or explosives for safer operation
• Saves time with multiple cuts in a single run
• Simplifies subsequent maintenance and clean-up\
• Operates in a wide range of conditions
• Conventional or extreme drilling operations
• Pipe cutting in gas, oil, brine, or drilling mud
• Vertical or horizontal pipe sections
• Packer release where precise cuts are required
• Cutting in compression or tension scenarios
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