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Casing Collar Locators (CCL)

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Casing Collar locators respond to changes in metal volumes allowing users to correlate positioning within the well. This is often used to calibrate or reference a certain wellbore features. 

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Casing Collar Locators (CCL) respond to changes in metal volume, such as pipe collars and perforations. As the tool passes a collar, or changes in metal volume, lines of magnetic flux between two opposing permanent magnets are disturbed.

This causes a low frequency voltage or Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) to be induced in a coil, mounted between the permanent magnets.

Finally, the signal is converted by a voltage-controlled oscillator for recording in the Sondex Ultrawire™ production logging section of the tool.

Features and Benefits

Combinable with other Sondex Ultrawire™ production logging tools

  • Depth control in casing or tubing
  • Location of casing or tubing damage
  • Confirmation of perforation depths or intervals
  • Popular resources