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IND0037 Demulsifier is a specialty chemical designed to separate emulsified water and oil from each other. It is formulated with 30 years of experience to effectively break down the oil-water interface.

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IND0037 Demulsifier is a specialized surfactant designed to improve the separation of oil and water. It is used to reduce the oil-water interfacial tension, allowing for improved oil-water separation. IND0037 also acts as a dispersant, breaking up water droplets into smaller particles, which increase the surface area and allows for more efficient separation. These products are typically used in hydrocarbon production, refining, storage, as well as in wastewater treatment. IND0037 Demulsifier can be added directly to the process stream or can be applied to the surface of an oil-water interface. This Demulsifier is effective over a wide range of temperatures and pH levels, making it ideal for most oil and gas operations.

Features and Benefits
- Crude oil production
- Refining
- Storage
- Wastewater treatment
- Reducing interfacial tension
- Breaking up water droplets
- Increasing surface area
- Improving oil-water separation
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