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H0307 Antifoamer/Defoamer is a highly-effective solution for tackling stubborn foam issues. It provides reliable performance and long-lasting results.

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The H0307 Antifoamer/Defoamer is a specialized chemical used to reduce and control foam formation in industrial processes. It's designed to reduce surface tension between two or more liquids, allowing oil and gas to separate more easily and flow more freely through pipelines and other equipment. When used in conjunction with other additives, antifoamers can prevent foam formation and stabilize the flow of hydrocarbons while reducing the formation of emulsions, which can disrupt hydrocarbon production.

Features and Benefits
• Preventing foam formation
• Stabilizing flow of oil/gas
• Increasing efficiency/cost savings
• Reducing emulsion formation
• Improving oil/gas separation
• Reducing surface tension
• Controlling production rates
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