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The Aquaness CRONOX™ 242 ES corrosion inhibitor is a high temperature (up to 350°F) acid corrosion inhibitor specifically developed for use in environmentally sensitive oil and gas well acidizing operations.

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CRONOX™ 242 ES corrosion inhibitor is a result of many years of research and was developed with specific features that have been requested by operators and environmental agencies around the world. CRO242ES corrosion inhibitor does not contain any alkyl phenols, aromatic solvents, quaternaries or heavy metals. All components in CRO242ES acid corrosion inhibitor are listed on the Canadian Domestic Substances List, EINECS, and TSCA. CRO242ES corrosion inhibitor received a “C” group rating under the revised Offshore Chemical Notification Scheme (16 February 1998). CRO242ES corrosion inhibitor is effective in all hydrochloric acid concentrations up to 28%. CRO242ES corrosion inhibitor may be added to the dilution water prior to the addition of concentrated HCl. This product is normally utilized in concentrations ranging from 0.5 to 30 gallons per thousand gallons of acid. The concentration of CRO242ES corrosion inhibitor is determined by: (1) the type of steel; (2) the downhole treating temperature; (3) the acid type and concentration; and (4) the plaed contact time of the acid with the steel. The laboratory corrosion data provides general guidelines for determining required product concentrations for specific applications.

Features and Benefits
- High temperature performance
- Performs in environments with temperatures up to 350°F
- Effective in a variety of acids
- Performs in HCl, HF, HCl/formic, HCl/Acetic
- Inhibits corrosion for various metals
- Inhibits corrosion for N80, L80, 13Cr, duplex
- Functions with all intensifiers
- Allows extended performance at temperatures greater than 300°F
- Well stimulation
- Onshore
- Offshore
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