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The Aqauaness CRONOX™ CRO240 is halogen free acid corrosion inhibitor, which is effective in both organic and inorganic acids, except HCl.

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It is used extensively in industrial cleaning operations. Test data is shown on sulfuric, sulfamic, phosphoric, formic hydroxyl acetic, formic, and acetic mud acid and citric acids. CRONOX™ CRO240 corrosion inhibitor is an effective inhibitor on mild and high carbon steels at temperatures ranging up to 200°F (93°). Optimum inhibitor concentrations for acidizing systems containing cast iron or special alloys should be determined experimentally.

Features and Benefits
-Stabilized in low and high pH ranges, pH 1 to 12
- Applicable in a wide range of fluids
- Provides a single source inhibition platform
- High degree of dispersibility
- Ensures a uniform application of fluid
- Could be used in most industrial cleaning formulations
- Well service acidizing
- Onshore
- Industrial cleaning
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