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ARQUEST™ 6313 Scale Inhibitor

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The Aquaness ARQUEST™ 6313 scale inhibitor is an aqueous solution of a polymeric scale inhibitor which provides economical protection from calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, and barium sulfate scale deposition.

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ARQUEST™ 6313 scale inhibitor is also effective as a high temperature scale inhibitor and as a dispersant in water treating applications such as boilers and cooling towers. ARQ6313 scale inhibitor may be applied by continuous injection for downhole or surface scale control. This product may also be applied by annular batch treatment in high fluid level wells. It has also been demonstrated to provide excellent long-term scale control when applied in a reservoir squeeze treatment.

Features and Benefits
- Thermally stable to 425°F (218°C)
- Effective for most types of mineral scale control
- Versatile under changing conditions
- Effective over a wide temperature range, treats at low concentrations
- Very cost-effective for specific systems
- Water treatment applications
- Squeeze treatment
- Brine Soluble
- Fresh Water Soluble
- Treats Calcium scale
- Treats Barium Sulfate scale
- Batch Applications
- Continuous Applications
- Squeeze Applications
- Stable to 180 F
- Stable to 400 F
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