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ARKLEAR™ 4093 Water Clarifier

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The Aquaness ARKLEAR™ 4093 water clarifier is effective for a variety of liquid/solids or reverse emulsion water clarification processes.

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This product is designed for applications primarily in clarifiers and dissolved gas flotation units where wastewater containing oil and/or solids must be treated to meet effluent or reuse quality standards. It has some application in raw water clarification and as a sludge conditioner. ARKLEAR™ 4093 water clarifier offers economical and convenience especially for relatively small systems where bulk tanks and multiple chemical injection points are undesirable. ARKL4093 water clarifier may be used neat or diluted with clean fresh water. A corrosion resistant, positive displacement pump should be used. The application point should be selected to ensure efficient mixing upstream of the settling tanks, ponds, or free water knock out.

Features and Benefits
- Highly concentrated water clarifier formulation
- Delivers excellent cost benefits when used alone or as formulated additional product
- Polymeric formulation
- Delivers significant adhesion to suspended particles
- Excellent solubility
- Allows the formulator use of a wide variety of polar solvent and blending partners
- Onshore
- Offshore
- Deepwater
- Shale gas
- Cationic Charge
- Flotation Aid
- Solids Removal
- In Solution
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