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ARFLOW™ 7152 Paraffin Inhibitor

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The Aquaness ARFLOW™ 7152 paraffin inhibitor is a concentrated blend of highly effective paraffin solvents and organic inhibitors used for the softening and removal of deposited paraffin and the inhibition of further depositions of paraffin from produced oils.

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This mixture of ingredients allows products formulated from ARFLOW™ 7152 paraffin inhibitor to be used for a complete treating program in areas where paraffin is a problem. Due to its high degree of solvency, this product can be used to disperse and remove deposits from downhole equipment as well as production lines, crude oil stock tanks, and pipelines. The organic inhibitors in ARFL7152 paraffin inhibitor work by crystal distortion to inhibit the growth of paraffin crystals into heavy insoluble deposits. In this way, the paraffin remains dispersed in the crude oil and is inhibited from accumulating as a heavy sludge in tank bottoms, heater treater interfaces and on the walls of both surface and subsurface production equipment. ARFL7152 paraffin inhibitor may be formulated with a hydrocarbon solvent at ratios of 1 part ARFL7152 paraffin inhibitor to 2 to 4 parts solvent. This material can also be incorporated into demulsifier formulas. When formulations made from ARFL7152 paraffin inhibitor are used to inhibit paraffin crystallization, continuous injection is recommended. It should be added to the crude oil ahead of the point where paraffin deposition has occurred. In most cases, this will require injection down the anulus of the producing well. The severity of the problem will dictate the dosage, but a typical rate would be one gallon of a 1:4 dilution of ARFL7152 paraffin inhibitor to 500 barrels of produced oil. An initial slug of 5 to 10 gallons should be made prior to continuous injection. Where continuous injection is not possible, ARFL7152 paraffin inhibitor is an effective paraffin solvent. It can be applied by slug treatment once or twice a week. The procedure in this case should include pre-wetting the aulus with a barrel of produced fluid followed by a slug of 5 to 10 gallons of an ARFL7152 paraffin inhibitor dilution followed by flushing with an additional barrel or two of oil. Dilutions of ARFL7152 paraffin inhibitor can also be effective in treating tank bottoms where paraffin has separated out of stored crude oil. The bottoms should be circulated through a heater-treater or a hot-oil truck to redissolve the paraffin in the oil, while adding a dilution of this product at a rate of 2 gallons to 500 barrels of oil.

Features and Benefits
- Combined pour point depressant and a paraffin crystal modifier
- Easy-to-handle liquid form
- Due to its high degree of solvency, it can be used to disperse and remove deposits from downhole equipment as well as production lines, crude oil stock tanks and pipelines
- Pipelines
- Crude oil stock tanks
- Oil Soluble
- Pour Point Depressant
- Batch Applications
- Continuous Applications
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