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ARFLOW™ 7104 Paraffin Inhibitor

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The Aquaness ARFLOW™ 7104 paraffin inhibitor is a product to reduce pour point and improve pumpability of a wide range of waxy crude oils, in distillates and residual fuel oils.

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This product has shown excellent performance in crystal modification-type paraffin inhibition. Crystal modifiers interfere with the normal crystal growth pattern and inhibit the growth of paraffin into insoluble deposits. ARFLOW™ 7104 paraffin inhibitor can be formulated into finished blends using heavy aromatic solvents. If winterization is required, toluene or xylene should be used. ARFL7104 paraffin inhibitor can also be combined with paraffin solvents or paraffin dispersants to enhance the performance of the finished compounds. When formulations made from this product are used to inhibit paraffin crystallization or for pour point depression, continuous injection is recommended. The severity of the problem will dictate the dosage, but a typical rate would be 1 gallon of a typical dilution of this product to 500 barrels of produced oil. An initial slug of 5 to 10 gallons should be made prior to continuous injection. Where continuous injection is not possible, ARFL7104 paraffin inhibitor blends are effective when applied by batch treatment or as a squeeze treatment. Dilutions of ARFL7104 paraffin inhibitor can also be effective in treating tank bottoms where paraffin has separated out of stored crude oil. The bottoms should be circulated through a heater-treater or a hot-oil truck to redissolve the paraffin in the oil, while adding a dilution of this product at a rate of 2 gallons to 500 barrels of oil. Winterization properties of this product will depend on the solvents used for dilution. The pour point of finished blends can be adversely affected by heating/cooling cycles. If the sample is cooled from 60°F (16°C) to lower temperatures, it will be fluid at the published pour point. If the temperature is cycled or the product is exposed to cold temperatures for extended periods of time, gelling may occur at significantly higher temperatures. This gel can easily be broken by agitation or heating with no detrimental effect to the product or its performance. Heated storage to a minimum of 60°F (16°C) is recommended until the product is moved to the field for immediate use.

Features and Benefits
- Combined pour point depressant and a paraffin crystal modifier
- Easy-to-handle liquid form
- Reduces pour point and improves pumpability of a wide range of waxy crude oils, in distillates and residual fuel oils
- Residual fuel oils
- Crude Oil
- Oil Soluble
- Pour Point Depressant
- Batch Applications
- Continuous Applications
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