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ARBREAK™ 8753 Demulsifier

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The Aquaness ARBREAK™ 8753 demulsifier has outstanding characteristics that include low cost and a resistance to burning or overtreating when used in formulations to treat crude oil emulsions of the water-in-oil type

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This product is an ammonium salt of sulfonic acids and is an anionic surfactant. ARBREAK™ 8753 demulsifier aids in emulsion breaking by counteracting naturally occurring emulsifiers and is extremely effective in resolving loose water emulsions stabilized by solids. This product is often used in treating refinery slop emulsions as well as tank bottoms. ARB8753 demulsifier is generally used in conjunction with oxyalkylated phenolic resins and with polyglycols. The solubility characteristics of ARB8753 demulsifier enable it to work at the oil/water interface where it is extremely effective in resolving loose water emulsion stabilized by solids.

Features and Benefits
- Quick water drop improves oil/water interface
- Good slugging compound and will not overtreat
- Refinery demulsification operations
- Slop oil treatment system
- Loose water emulsions
- Solids Wetter
- Waste Oil Treater
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