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ARBREAK™ 8483 Demulsifier

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The Aquaness Chemical ARBREAK™ 8483 demulsifier is a polymerized polyol intermediate used in standard emulsion breakers in a variety of geographical locations.

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Rapid penetration through the oil phase to finely emulsified water droplets has made them indispensable in many areas. This penetration is vividly demonstrated by the rapid blackening of cream-colored emulsions and the quick brightening of water-hazed emulsions. Being extremely oil soluble in nature, this product exhibits great tenacity for finishing the dehydration of crudes where more water soluble compounds can wash out with the water phase of a partially resolved emulsion. ARBREAK™ 8483 demulsifier typically requires blending with other emulsion breaker intermediates to achieve complete treatment of water-in-oil emulsions. This demulsifier can be formulated in toluene, xylene, or heavy aromatic solvents and is compatible with other emulsion breaker intermediates. If necessary, alcohols can be used as brightening or stabilizing agents in these field-strength blends.

Features and Benefits
- Rapid penetration of dispersed emulsion droplets
- Quick Oil brightening, and good finishing compound
- Easy to formulate in aromatic hydrocarbons
- Extremely Oil soluble
- Exhibits great tenacity for finishing the dehydration of crudes
- Fast Water dropper
- Clean Top Oil
- Removes BS
- Reduces Interface
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