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ARBREAK™ 8262 Demulsifier

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ARBREAK™ 8262 demulsifier breaks water-in-oil type crude oil emulsions with high wetting activity and disperses solids. Stable to hydrolysis and lowers interfacial tension.

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The Aquaness ARBREAK™ 8262 demulsifier counteracts naturally occurring emulsifiers. It effectively breaks water-in-oil type crude oil emulsions. As an intermediate, this product can be synergistically used with oxyalkylated phenolic resins, sulfonic acid salts, or in blends of all three. This demulsifier is particularly effective when used in low-saltwater brine or in fresh water emulsions. In these applications, the product is often formulated with sulfonates or used as is. This product is stable to hydrolysis and exhibits exceptional ability to lower interfacial tension. As a result, ARB8262 demulsifier has a high degree of wetting activity and effectively disperses or deflocculates solids.

Features and Benefits
- Nonionic in character
- Will not over treat emulsions
- Stable to hydrolysis
- Effective in either low-saltwater brine or fresh water emulsions
- Used for tank bottoms by batch treatment and circulation
- High degree of wetting activity
- Onshore
- Fast Water Drop
- Solids Wetter
- Reduces Interface
- Waste Oil Treater
- Paraffin Control
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