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ARBREAK™ 8205X Demulsifier

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ARBREAK™ 8205X demulsifier is a powerful, wetting agent that effectively breaks tough crude oil emulsions. Its superior solids-wetting qualities make it an ideal choice for oil recovery.

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The Aquaness ARBREAK™ 8205X demulsifier has some utility for used and waste oil recovery. This product is unusually effective when used as a detergent or as a wetting agent in emulsion breaker formulations. ARB8205X demulsifier has shown excellent solids-wetting ability and has been used as a primary emulsion breaker for some hard-to-treat crude oil emulsions. ARB8205X demulsifier is a specialized oil recovery product designed to maximize the recovery of used and waste oil. It is effective as a detergent or wetting agent in emulsion breaker formulations and as a primary emulsion breaker for difficult to treat crude oil emulsions. The product has excellent solids-wetting abilities and is compatible with other resins, making it suitable for a variety of oil recovery applications.

Features and Benefits
- Blending agent
- Improvement of oil/water interface in emulsion breaking
- Crude oil emulsions
- Emulsion breaker formulations
- Fast Water Drop
- Clean Top Oil
- Removes BS
- Reduces Interface
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