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ARBREAK™ 8119 Demulsifier

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The Aquaness ARBREAK™ 8119 demulsifier effectively breaks water-in-oil emulsions in crude oil. This product is a high-molecular weight oxyalkylated phenolic resin that works by counteracting the stabilizing influence of naturally present emulsifying agents.

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When the Aquaness ARBREAK™ 8119 demulsifier is used in gas-cut emulsions, it exhibits antifoaming characteristics. This demulsifier has been used effectively throughout the United States and the world to treat many crude oils. ARB8119 is classified as a nonionic, surface-active, organic chemical that will not interact with ionic-type chemicals. It is generally used in dilute forms in an aromatic solvent or blended with chemicals of different generic structures to give synergistic formulas that may have greater efficiency. Emulsion breakers containing this product are usually added by chemical pump at the wellhead or ahead of gas or water knockouts of treating systems. The emulsion being treated generally dictates the treating ratio, which typically is approximately 1000 ppm.

Features and Benefits
- Broad-spectrum effectiveness with lower cost performance
- Counteracts naturally present emulsifiers found in crude oil.
- Classified as a nonionic surface-active organic chemical that will not interact with ionic-type chemicals
- Formulates well because it is compatible with other demulsifier components
- Onshore
- Fast Water Drop
- Clean Top Oil
- Reduces Interface
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