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Addressable Downhole Release

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The new Addressable Downhole Release (ADR) cased-hole release tool suite from Baker Hughes is a digitally controlled and remotely operated device that can be separated into two pieces on command. It enables the controlled release of a toolstring downhole and leaves a clean fishing neck for the safe retrieval of wireline tools or perforating guns. This reduces the risk of cable damage from excessive over-pull of the wireline when trying to part the mechanical weak point inside the cablehead.

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Features and Benefits
•Reduces wireline deployment risk
•Protects cable integrity
•Minimizes risks and costs associated with complex fishing operations
•Safely correlates and retrieves toolstring after disconnecting
•Wireline operations using ballistic or electrical logging instruments
•Situations where pulling a mechanical weak point is beyond the cable capability
•Deviated wells where cable tension cannot be transferred to the mechanical weak point
•Cased-hole wells with elevated risk of stuck tools or toolstrings
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