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7'' Ultra XL (conventional)

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Our Ultra XL motors have the strongest power of the Ultra Series and deliver high torque at moderate rotational speed. They drill through hard rock formations using PDC bits, increasing rates of penetration (ROP) in straight-hole and tangent sections and building sections of extended-reach and horizontal wells.

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 They are available in air-drill to high speed, and from short to extended length to optimize bit performance within the drilling program. The high quality of the power section allows use of this motor in high-temperature holes and most drilling fluids. Ultra motors has represent the “Gold Standard” in all demanding drilling environments.

The Navi-Drill Ultra Series drive train is built for long, hard service. Each motor incorporates an industry-proven, rugged bearing assembly, drive sub, and flex shaft. The design allows for the higher torque developed by the extended length (XL) power sections to be reliably delivered to the bit over long drilling intervals and under the most demanding conditions.

Additionally, the torque production of Ultra motors is further enhanced with Baker Hughes´s High Performance (HP) elastomer. The HP elastomer delivers 50% more torque and power downhole for today's demanding, high endurance PDC bits, together with the durability and reliability you have come to expect from Baker Hughes´s motors. With the HP elastomer, standard Ultra motors are transformed into premium high power drilling tools. The latest addition the High Performance elastomer has an improved oil-based mud resistivity thus increasing performance in harsh conditions and extending run length.

Features and Benefits
• Higher Reliability
• Longer Drilling Runs
• Variety of Horse Power and torque offering
• Higher Penetration Rates
• Higher Temperature Capabilities
• Conventional directional drilling
• Unconventional drilling
• High Temperature Applications
• Performance drilling
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