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The Baker Hughes DELTA-SEAL™ wellbore sealing polymer is specially designed to disperse into unique sub-micron-sized particles when added to drilling fluid system. Delivering advanced performance in a variety of drilling conditions, DELTA-SEAL has a wide range of synergistic applications and attributes to overcome wellbore instability and weak formation challenges.

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The DELTA-SEAL sealing polymer is compatible with invert emulsion drilling fluids, freshwater, and salt-saturated water-based fluids. When used in combination with sized synthetic graphitic products such as the LC-LUBE™ additive, the DELTA-SEAL sealing polymer is very effective at sealing porous, highly permeable formations. This reduces the potential for induced fractures thereby minimizing the risk of differential sticking and/or downhole losses.

Features and Benefits
  • Seals microfractures when drilling through shales
  • Enhance wellbore stability
  • Minimizes pore pressure transmission when used in high-performance WBM
  • Easily dispersed in invert emulsion drilling fluid systems
  • Improves mixing efficiency
  • Polymeric high-pressure/high-temperature fluid loss reducer in emulsion-based fluids
  • Reduces filtrate invasion
  • Extensive shelf life and compatibility in extreme climates
  • Reduces logistic and storage costs
  • Applications
    • DELTA-DRILL low-pressure-impact drilling fluid    
    • Compatible with diesel and mineral oils
    • Freshwater and salt-saturated water-based fluids
    • Onshore applications
    • Weak and depleted formations
    • Environmentally sensitive areas 
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