Pathmaster Whipstock, 5.5" 14.0-23.0 lb/ft Casing

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Our fast, efficient and reliable casing exit systems enable one-trip, full-gauge window cutting in a wide range of formations and hole conditions. Pathmaster Whipstock, 5.5" 14.0-23.0 lb/ft casing exit

The PathMaster™ whipstock is used with the PathMaster™ whipstock system with SilverBack™ window mill or PathMAKER™ formation mill combines the one-trip and retrievable features of the field-proven WindowMaster™ whipstock with a shorter whipstock ramp and full gauge mills. This system provides a quicker kickoff with a higher build rate in short radius drilling applications. Decreased length of the whipstock and a milling assembly consisting of only a SilverBack window mill and watermelon mill combine to form a significantly shorter window exit bottomhole assembly (BHA). The reduced length BHA is capable of passing through higher dog legs in the wellbore.
The PathMaster window cutting system provides a means to exit casing and provide a window to run drilling BHA, liners, and completion equipment through. In one trip the starting cut is made, window is milled, and pilot hole is drilled. The system can be set with on a TorqueMaster™ packer/anchor combination or the TorqueMaster bottom trip anchor.

  • Full gauge mills provide a drift window and rat hole to total depth
  • Short whipstock ramp provides quick kickoff
  • Shorter overall BHA allows system to pass through high doglegs
  • Only one drillpipe trip required to mill casing exit and drill pilot hole
  • Retrievable for multiple zone applications
  • Allows measurement while drilling (MWD), UBHO, or gyro in to packer for orientation
  • Utilizes patented METAL MUNCHER™ cutting technology for faster cleaner cuts

Casing: 5.5" 14-23 lb/ft
Connection: NC31 pin down

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